The key objective is to persuade Government in any of its forms towards action consistent with your aims.

Success depends upon a carefully targeted and well-presented case, a clear strategic plan and the flexibility to adjust to emerging threats, opportunities and information.

We will develop a campaign to advance your objectives that will maintain focus and build momentum. Many factors influence the execution of each campaign but activity will often include:

Developing your case

Making your case effectively requires a thorough and carefully-constructed argument made in terms that your political and official target audiences will find persuasive, sometimes against a background of entrenched opposition. We will help you to tailor your presentation to work best with these specialist audiences. Written briefings and other materials will be produced including responses to Government consultations and submissions to Select Committee Inquiries.

Meetings with politicians and officials

It is often vital to communicate directly to achieve success. Personal contact helps to build trust and momentum and enables detailed discussions to take place. We do not meet people on your behalf, but will accompany you to meetings, advise on the best approach, and carefully select the key people to meet in order to establish a core group of political supporters actively sympathetic to your objectives and willing to take your case forward with Ministers and in Parliament.

Monitoring of the political institutions

We review all the proceedings in both Houses of Parliament on a daily basis to identify issues relevant to you. This is a core service, necessary to advance and protect your interests. Through this, we identify new supporters and opponents amongst the politicians. It can also reveal important developments in Government thinking, enabling appropriate adjustments to be made to your position to maximise your chances of achieving your objectives.

Your event in Parliament

It is often useful to arrange receptions or other events in Parliament to progress your case. They enable you to reach new political supporters and cement friendly relations. Sponsoring a reception announces that you are serious, and determined to pursue your aims. A wide invitation list is also a useful vehicle to further make your case in writing and to build alliances by inviting other stakeholders with mutual interests. We have extensive experience in organising such events. On occasions, we may also suggest events at, for instance, Party Conferences.

Standard Parliamentary activity

Parliamentary Questions, Adjournment Debates, Early Day Motions and letters to Ministers are all standard ways in which politicians may help you – but only if they are convinced of your case. They will want to be sure that what is in your interest is also good for others. Part of our service will be in identifying those broader benefits and deploying them as part of your argument.

Support and training

We can also offer a support and training function for less-experienced in-house staff that will better enable them to reduce reliance on external consultants. This service can be delivered as part of our ongoing work for you or as a separate, stand-alone commission.

“Shoestring” offer

Smaller organisations on a tight budget may wish to discuss our shoestring offer. We will devise an effective campaign for you, stripped down to its key elements, designed to deliver for you at the minimum cost.