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REGISTER OF ALL-PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUPS The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

Chair: Steve McCabe MP Co-Chair: Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE. Vice-Chairs: Ian Austin MP, Nic Dakin MP, Nigel Dodds MP, Julie Elliott MP, Diana Johnson MP, Lord McColl of Dulwich, Dr. Philippa Whitford MP, Adam Holloway MP. Formal details of the Group on the Parliamentary website are available at: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmallparty/150929/fit-and-healthy-childhood.htm

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WRS Group Ltd – HEALTH EDCO & Childbirth Graphics

Family created and owned, WRS Group Ltd. includes the world-renowned divisions of Health Edco, Childbirth Graphics, and Health Impressions. With 30 years of experience in the United Kingdom and more than half a century in the United States, we are dedicated to the provision of innovative 3-D displays, hands-on models, informative print products, and promotional materials aimed at improving lives through health education and awareness.

Our Health Education roots go back to 1964, when founder Dr Wayman R Spence (WRS), developed medicine’s first silicone padding, which was ideal for the prevention of pressure sores. While at a party Dr Spence saw a woman light a cigarette and as a strong anti-smoking advocate, he told the woman that he should give her an ashtray shaped like a pair of lungs so that she could see what she was doing to her body. Inspired by this incident, Dr Spence created the Lung Ashtray in 1968. This unique product featured a set of transparent lungs—one hollow—mounted on an ordinary ashtray. An immediate sensation, the Lung Ashtray made newspaper headlines, caught the attention of the tobacco industry, and persuaded thousands of smokers to kick their deadly habit.

In the 1990s, a UK/International office was launched and from this small acorn the UK-based office grew, gaining expertise from health education entrepreneur, teacher, and public health specialist Paul Wright, who joined in WRS Group in 2004. The UK business grew to supply not only health education resources but also valuable health services, such as health exhibition vehicles, health theatre, and health training schemes.

Going from strength to strength, WRS Group’s Health Edco and Childbirth Graphics divisions have ensured that their evidence-based resources — conceived and designed in the US and UK — are of the very highest quality. We pride ourselves on assembling public health education products, still by hand in many cases, within the US and UK, rather than outsourcing to distant countries.

Website: https://www.healthedco.co.uk/

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