The Natural Water Source Association (NWSA)

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The Natural Water Source Association (NWSA) –

All our members are natural source water producers, meaning that all their water comes from natural, underground sources and is not chemically treated. Natural source waters must be free from contamination, the aquifers from which they are drawn must be unpolluted and the source protected. Our members are the stewards of these natural resources and are instrumental in protecting 350,000 acres of important habitat, an area equivalent in size to the Peak District National Park.

Water is the healthiest way to hydrate. Natural source waters provide choice for consumers, who may prefer it to tap water or other soft drinks. Since its formation in 2008 as the Natural Hydration Council, we have raised awareness of the importance of healthy hydration and worked with a number of partners including the British Dietetic Association, the British Nutrition Foundation, The Children’s Food Trust and The Oral Health Foundation.  With support from partners and academics, we have created a series of hydration fact sheets which have been published by media outlets and used in schools as well as a number of NHS practices.

The organisation represents its members in environmental discussions with government and other stakeholders. Our members are committed to protecting the environment and engaging in sustainable practices. They recognise that when packaging is not responsibly disposed of or recycled this can have an impact on the environment, so they use readily recyclable and recycled PET plastic as well as glass and cans which can support a circular economy. They are committed to working with suppliers to increase recycled content in their products to 70% by 2025. We support the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland and the rest of the UK, and believe that its introduction will help secure a more consistent and reliable UK supply of recycled material.

The Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA) will be focused on encouraging both healthy hydration and continuing its work with members on environmental sustainability. This will involve continuing to work with University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

To mark the launch of the NSWA, we are pleased to share with you a short film, produced by ITN Productions with the College of Medicine, which looks at the role of natural source waters for health, where they come from and what our members are doing to address packaging waste.

Contact: Kinvara Carey, General Manager


Twitter: @NSWA_UK

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