Phil Royal

Phil Royal

Royal PA delivers services through teams of highly-skilled Associates. Typically, a bespoke team of two or three will be responsible for delivering your campaign.

Phil Royal has spent 20+ years as a senior consultant and is a fully experienced adviser over a wide range of sectors to businesses, charities and campaigning groups.

During this time, Phil set up the All-Party Groups on Prison Health and Energy Costs. He wrote “The Hepatitis C Scandal” on behalf of the All-Party Group on Hepatology and co-wrote “The human and economic cost of Epilepsy” on behalf of the All-Party Group on Epilepsy.

Phil also has a law degree and spent seven years with a Holborn-based firm of solicitors specialising in civil litigation. In his early years, Phil gained a wide experience of the “real world” working for private businesses in clothing, textile manufacture, food, communications, farming, steel and as a door-to-door salesman.

This broad and practical background informs his approach to public affairs, which is to ensure that the work of the consultant enhances the profitability of the business client or the objectives of campaigning organisations. Phil has led mountaineering expeditions to the Caucasus, the Pyrenees and Romania. He ran the London Marathon, raising funds for the cystic fibrosis trust. Phil is a member of Mensa.

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