Our Report is in a House of Commons briefing paper – Dr Vicky Randall writes . . .

30/07/19 – The House of Commons library has updated their research briefing paper on ‘Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport in Schoolsto now include our report on the Primary PE and Sport Premium (26th July 2019).  We have been given a full side spread. It’s an unbelievable achievement and testament to the hard work of the Working Group.  Our report has now been shown to be taken seriously at the highest possible level.


Lead Author Helen Clark added:

It really is huge to have made it into an official House of Commons Library Policy Briefing document. These are the resources used by MPs and Ministerial Special Advisers as essential material for parliamentary speech content – whether for a backbench MP or indeed a frontbencher or a Minister, speaking from the dispatch box.

The point is that they don’t include ill-sourced, poorly written, weakly argued and unconvincing material in these documents. The possibilities for humiliation would be immense and the Chamber is overlooked every single day by the nation’s media. Therefore, what goes into such HoC Library documents is regarded to be of the very highest quality.  This is an enormous accolade for the APPG and everybody who worked so very hard to make this report the success that it clearly has been.

Head of APPG Secretariat Phil Royal added:

I’d like to thank Vicky for her achievement on driving this forward on behalf of the APPG. Her personal commitment in delivering this has been invaluable,

In the next few months, the new Chairs and Members of the Health and Education Select Committees will be announced and we will write to them requesting relevant Inquiries. We will also write to the relevant Ministers asking for action and will consider further ways forward to promote the recommendations contained in the report.

We will also seek funding for a high-profile Parliamentary event to further bring this to the attention of policy-makers (estimated cost £5-£8k).

The incorporation of our report in this key briefing for politicians will make a substantial impact on political debate and is a massive step forward in influencing decision-making for some time to come.


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