Healthy Eating Resources from the Infant and Toddler Forum

APPG member Claudia Singer, of the Infant and Toddler Forum, writes:

Following the APPG meeting on Hungry Children (13/06/19) I am providing the link to the Infant & Toddler Forum resources for Early Years providers, healthcare professionals and parents we mentioned in the conversation. These are practical resources to help ensure that meals are balanced, nutritionally sound and enjoyable.

The first link is to the sign up page of our Ten Step Programme Hub which is an evidence-based and practical programme designed for nurseries and early years professionals, with an easy to follow guide that can be used day-to-day in settings. All the resources are free and include our Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers, the Portion Sizes Table and Tot It Up, our toddler food tracker to check that toddlers are getting a good balance of foods and activity.

Each individual resource is also available directly from the website ensuring that the advice and the tools are consistent wherever children are cared for.

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