New campaign for 90 minutes playtime in the school day – Helen Clark writes . . .

I was recently alerted to this campaign on 38 Degrees which is very close to our hearts here in the All-Party Group on a Fit & Healthy Childhood. Minimum breaks for schoolchildren is something we have called for from the outset of our group, and all power to this campaign! Members, please sign here.
The following is adapted from the Campaign web page:
Evidence published in May 2019 by the UCL Institute of Education report on School break times and young people’s social lives highlights that play times have decreased on average by 45 minutes per week over the past 20 years and the majority of schools no longer have afternoon breaks. Children in urban areas are more affected, and those who have free school meals.
To that end we are asking that children from infant, primary and secondary schools receive one hour minimum for lunch and at least a morning and afternoon break time of 15 minutes, in total 90 minutes break time each day.
I hope members will sign and share this petition.


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