Royal Public Affairs was founded in 2007 by Phil Royal following 10 years experience with central London consultancies.

Royal PA is different from other consultancies working in the same field in several ways. We are able to offer highly-competitive rates for two reasons. Firstly, we do not maintain an expensive and unnecessary central London office that can soak up so much money. Secondly, nobody associated with Royal PA is on a fixed salary. All Associates, including Phil, get paid only for the work they actually do. Your fees will not be spent on new business projects, irrelevant activity or consultant`s `down-time`.

Royal PA delivers services by working with fully experienced and trusted Associates who prefer the flexibility offered by these arrangements. Typically, a bespoke team of two or three will be responsible for delivering your campaign.

It is part of our service to ensure that our activity is linked directly to the advancement of your objectives, whether these are defined commercially or in campaigning terms, and we are keen to be assessed on a value for money basis.

Please have a look at the other pages on our website where you will find biographical notes of our leading Associates, recommendations from those we have worked with and details of our experience, services and our work with Parliamentary Groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact Phil for a preliminary discussion regarding your requirements, or if you would like to explore the possibility of becoming an associate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Email Phil at phil@royalpa.co.uk or call on 07788 422611